Hi all :). My fiance and I have been ttc for about 3 months now. Its been crazy! About a year ago I came off the depo and have had on time periods since except 1 time and it was about a week late and then after that it came on time with no problems. I am now 17 days late, negative pregnancy test about a week ago. Too nervous to take another. I'm having extremely terrible awful headaches, some nausea but only with the headaches. Boobs are incredibly sore with veins popping out and looking like a street map and pretty much have no sex drive at all(before we tried constantly). Have a white CM that comes and goes and everyday around 1230-1 I start having cramps and my hips hurt. Noticed weird flutters but they come and go and feeling super dizzy sometimes. I'm extremely tired and could sleep all day. My fiance is obsessing about it and its driving me crazy. I want to be pregnant so bad but I'm afraid to take another test and it come out negative. The headaches have been so bad that I went to the er and that's where they did the urine test and it came back negative, but they referred me to an ob. Sometimes I have sharp pain in my lower abdomen. Constantly having hiccups and the craziest mood swings. Has anyone else ever had symptoms like this? Or am I flipping out for nothing.