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How many type 1 diabetics drink and drive?  Or how many drink themselves to death....literally.  I think that type 1 diabetics should have their condition on their drivers license so that they cannot purchase liquor.  I think it is very dangerous for them to be drinking.  They could cause an unnecessary death and then what?  They and other people would be injured or die.  It is not a good thing to let them drink.  I have a brother who is type 1 diabetic and he drinks all the time.  He is lazy and he comes home and passes out on the couch.... if he makes it to the couch.  Sometimes I find him laying on the ground outside our door.  Pretty pathetic.  How many other diabetics out there drink?  Doesn't it do something to your brain when you do that?  Don't you think it is irresponsible to drink while being a diabetic?  I am really mad at my brother.  I am afraid he is going to get hurt or hurt someone else someday. 


Hello, Guest.  I am sorry to hear about your brother.  It can be very difficult to see your loved one become addicted to something and have a health issue as well.  Does your brother live with you?  Do your parents try to do anything to get him help?  If there isn't a way to get him to listen to you, try to find someone he will listen to.  Maybe there is someone he looks up to that may be able to get through to him. It may take several times of giving him the push he needs toward helping himself.  Often times people like your brother need to hit rock bottom before they accept that it is time to change things.  You may tell him when he is sober that the alcohol is not good for his type 1 diabetes.  He probably knows this already.  Hopefully, he will not get in an accident while driving.  If he does, he will have his license taken away.