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I had a cortisone injection for MN over two months ago, and I still have a bruise area at the site of the injection. The injection worked for over a month, then the pain returned. I went to a different podiatrist who said:

1 - we need to "keep an eye" on the bruise 

2 - if the first injection failed after a month then the next step is alcohol injections.

So...I am looking to find out from anyone if you have had an ongoing bruise, or if you have any insight into the cortisone vs alcohol injection. THANK YOU!


Okay first off NO. Save yourself and your foot - if you care about the long term health of you and your foot never get another cortisone injection again. You clearly had a bad reaction and/ or your doctor used the wrong type of cortisone for soft tissue (low solubility is bad) or used bad technique.

Always start with conservative treatment: something like 60% of morton's neuroma / plantar facitis (tendon / muscle / soft tissue related) problems with the foot can be resolved or significantly reduced by stretching the calf. Look up things like physical therapy for [where it hurts]. Start with easy calf stretches and maybe move up to a downward dog / cobra.Also better shoes, soak your feet in hot water.

If you reallllly need medical intervention: personally I'd go more towards platelet rich plasma / stem cell injections (the harvest it from your blood / bone marrow - not painful). It's a regenerative treatment, rather than temporary pain relief that can cause long term damage.