Any idea what this could be? I've had chest pain on the left side of my chest, in the heart area, for the last two weeks. This isn't the first time (I've had it off and on for probably two years. It's just extremely uncomfortable now and sometimes lasts for hours). Sometimes, it seems as if it's accompanied by nausea and lightheadedness. I've had EKG's, x-rays, a holder monitor, and an ultrasound, all were normal. I also had a nuclear stress test (which indicated a blockage), but then had a heart cath that showed there was no blockage. The pain feels like burning and/or aching. I have also had sudden sharp pains in the same area that go just as quickly as they come. It's much worse if I lay on my left side or back. But, it's always present, whether I'm sitting or standing. I am very overweight (female, 290) and have high blood pressure that is controlled by meds. I'm also on a generic Prilosec for heartburn but it doesn't seem to help. Does anyone have ANY idea what this could be?