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So heres the situation:

i usually take my bc pill every night before bed. However, on the first of January i forgot to take it and had unprotected sex. I took it the next day when i got home and took another one that night to get me back on schedule. But considering it was day 1 of my active pills that i missed and that it was a new brand i was switching over to, i freaked out and took the plan b pill. i took it about 33 hours from when i had the sex. The next day after taking the pill i got a brown discharge. I'm hoping that all of this is normal and that i'm not pregnant. Even just thinking about being pregnant makes me sick to my stomach. Please help me out! Thanks.


I can't remember getting my period I usually get it the last week of the month or the first week of the next and I did have a little bit of bleed very lightly and I thought well I'm not pregnant because I'm going to get my period but it went away that same day the gotten really dizzy and I've gotten some headaches and thrown up here and there this would be my first pregnancy and I don't know what to expect I've tooken three pregnancy test and they've all came back negative should I wait till the end of the month to test again or should I just make and appointment to the doctor ??