I am a 20 year old male who has never had sex. I was diagnosed with a UTI a couple months and was prescribed a few antibiotic regimens until the UTI was basically gone. However, I had this lingering affect of a feeling of urine being caught in my urethra right near the tip of the penis. I have had this for just under a month and it does not seem as if it is getting worse but it also doesn't seem to get better. I have tried to refrain from masturbating to see if that would help it go away but it has not. I also had a cytoscopy and my urologist said that there was no urethral stricture and that my urethra looked completely fine. He told me that he thinks it will be gone in a couple of weeks but I have already had this for almost a month and it doesn`t seem to be improving so I don`t see why it would in a couple of weeks more. Has anybody else experienced this lingering affect after a UTI and if so what happened? Thanks