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This summer,

I got a bladder infection. My bladder infections are only bad at the end of urination when I have that last few drops to push out - It stings! After the bladder infection, I noticed that I burned around my urethra before I peed (Like if I have to pee, and I hold it a little bit it stings at the opening.) and then afterwards.

Also, before I had my bladder infectin, my sex life crashed..
It absolutely BURNED durning sex, I was told to use more lube.. but it did not help. I was fine before.

I went to the dr, got it checked, and she told me I had a bacterial infection. I got this fixed, but the burning after urination remained. Again, I went to the DR who could not collect a sample ( iwas on my period) so diagnosed it as URETHRITUS (?). I put creme on it 2 times a day for 2 weeks.. no luck. I went in when I began to itch too. And she said I had a yeast infection. I agree with that, for after I took 1 day pill, (diflucan) It burned the next 2 days. A week later, I picked up another one and took it to make sure it was gone.. I am still burning after peeing and the slightest thing irritates it. (sex.. anything that rubbed my clit.. I'm most likely to burn in a little bit after peeing)

I have been tested for the main STDS that would cause this (gonna, clymid) no change in sexual partner. Sex still hurts when it was wonderful the many months before summer.

What could this be?!!


I have the same problem I have had uretha diliations and this has made it better for 3 years it is so annoying as it is a constant burning nothing help panadol, ural, cranberry nothing works for me other than the dilations check with your doctor if this could be the problem.