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Uhm.. This is a somewhat new thing to me. It started when me and my girlfriend started to get physical. We're both new to it so I don't think it's an STD but.. There's small bumps on my labia. They usually don't hurt but sometimes they sting when I touch them. She (my gf) mostly rubs outside my pants so I thought maybe she just did it too hard and it cut me a little but.. There's strange white/grey stuff over my labia. It's like a thick layer of deodorant over it but I don't know. When I use the restroom and wipe it rubs it up and there's little white balls (I don't have good descriptive skills) on the hair and toilet paper. It's not painful, except sometimes when there's a little cut (I don't know how those get there either) but I'm scared I have something. I don't really want to talk to the doctor but I think it's all I have left to do. Before, when I had my period, when it was over, all those things stopped. But lately it doesn't stop. I look forward to my period hoping everything will go away like usual but it's not happening now. I thought it was a yeast infection but the symptoms didn't match.. I think. I'm really worried. If I do have a disease I don't want to give it to my girlfriend because she should have a good life without diseases. Please help.


you might need to see a docter