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I believe i have Varicocele embolization, i've been to the doctors complaining of testicluar pain, as i wasn't sure what was wrong i went for an examination, cough, the usual, (I will admit i found it difficult to see a doctor about something so "close to home" and it took alot of bravery, although in heinsight Dr's are nothing to be afraid of and you should be able to speak to them without fear) he didn't check my veins/tubes to my testicles but merely checked for any sign of cancer/lumps on the testicles themselves
He concluded that i may had twisted a testicle and prescribed some pain killers (which didn't do anything besides make me dizzy). The pain seemed to go away with rest (i was a keen cycler) This was a few years ago, i've been unable to comfortable cycle since,
Reading up on this maverlous website, i believe my symptons (left side feels like a bag of "snakes", right about 3 or 4 "snakes" - dull ache after activity/during) best match Varicocele embolization.
I was just wondering if there is an alternative to surgery?
Should i go back to the doctor about this?

Age 26 - male (ovbiously) and slightly overweight

Your help / advice greatly appriated
Thank you
Mr A Nonmouse


Varicocele Embolization: How Did It Go For YOU??? Good procedure or Bad ???