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My mother has been disagnoised with hyperthyroidism. She is an elderly person and is suffering from several of the common symtoms associated with this disease. The family began noticing that something wasn't quite right about a year ago, but are not sure when she actually began having symtoms. Before getting sick, she was pretty heathy, living alone, driving herself, manageing her financial affairs, cooking, etc. Her calcium and PHT levels are quite high, and this disease is especially affecting her memory/concentration levels and mobility. She's had the typical tests including sestamebi scan (which is negative), ultrasound, etc. which show no ademoma. She's obviously not a candidate for the "big surgery". Also, she has a thyroid nodule which was FNA'd, but is apparently not cancerous.

I understand that Dr. Norman in Tampa has published at least one journal article on thieir experience treating elderly patients over 80 with the MIRP surgery with success. (There are other similar studies out there as well). Based on his apparent experience and reputation, we are considering refering her to him for surgery, but are unsure if she would be given fair consideration for acceptance as a patient. Can anyone comment on their experience with a patient over 80 years of age? I'm very familiar with his website and comments posted by others concerning their surgeries. However, since we do not live in the state of FL, he requries a heftly consultation fee, and are curious about his selection of patients for surgery. Can anyone please comment?

Need help in AL


bmwrider - you should be able to talk with any surgeon and have your questions answered. Asking questions about a doctor's experience is not a consultation. Most doctors will not charge extra if you live out of state. I suspect that most surgeons with extensive parathyroid experience have experience with older patients since the adenomas are less common in younger people.

I had my surgery at 65 and I know that is not 80 but it was easy and having a negative scan and removing a nodule should not require an invasive surgery. With a negative scan I would strongly recommend the radio guided surgery and you might feel more comfortable having your mother stay in the hospital overnight for closer monitoring. You are right to choose carefully. mass