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Hi,I'm 45 years old a few years back I got hit in the head with a sledge hammer ,the a few months later got hit in the same spot with a pole digger by the same person,but question is one night went to wedding reception and had a couple (only 1 and a half) and started to get a headache at the spot where I was hit,we went home then the next day at a family reunion still had the headache ,but noticed I was lossing my vision on and off and I couldn't remember anyones names that I knew for years not even my brothers wife,only my wife and kids.Scared cause my dad died of ear cancer and just very recently my younger brother died of multiple head and spine,and lung cancer.If anyone knows what could have caused this.



What did your doctor say?

There is a possibility that head injury caused hematoma which is pressing the nerve, causing the headache, vision loss and memory loss.