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Hi my name is Jackie I was diagnosis with spinocerbelluar degeneration in 06 but I am adopted and was always falling. The nurorlogist said I have had it all my life. He also told me by 40 I would be in a wheelchair I am 42 and I am still walking not good but I am determined not to be in a wheelchair. I have a question my teeth are breaking off and I am losing them. I was wandering if this is part of this disease and if so I need my medical to get them fixed.


Hello Jackie,

Spinocerebeller disease is a disease of the nervous system, spinal column and cerebellum.  The cerebellum is in the back part of the brain and is responsible for balance.  In other words, that part of the brain allows to to walk upright without falling over or sit in a chair without falling over.  Your disease must be progessing at a slow rate if you are still walking and that's a good thing.  Keep exercising and try to strengthen what you have.  This disease is progressive but can progress at different rates for different people.  As far as your teeth are concerned, spinocerebellar disease has nothing to do with that.  That is a separate matter.  I wish the very best to you and try to stay active as much as you can.