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Hi there,

can you tell me more about warnings about FullFast appetite control spray and his side – effects? Is it possible that certain spray can be harmful to my health? Seems impossible to me, but I don't know.

My friend told me that she was feeling a little bit anguish and that she had diarrhea when she was using FullFast appetite control spray. Are these symptoms side effects of this product? Are there more side effects?

I am curious and I want to know. My friend also told me that these symptoms stopped when she stopped taking this product. 



OK, the FullFast appetite control spray contains 100% safe ingredients, so I can't see why this spray can cause side effects. These ingredients are less harmful than anything else, and won't produce any negative side effects. You can ask someone in your local drugstore, and that person will tell you the same thing as I did.

I have no idea why your friend was feeling bad, but somehow I don't think that FullFast spray has anything to do with it.  I don't know, maybe I am wrong, because I am not an expert, but this is what I think about it.

Search more about it and you will know!



What's up?

See, I don't agree with you. You need to ask someone who has a clue about this FullFast appetite control spray what are side effects. I think that this product has some side effects as any other. You just can't say „I think it is safe“, without knowing that.

So, please always read labels, warnings and some directions provided with the product before you start to use or consume the product.

The best option is to consult someone like your doctor, who will tell your whole health history, and then he will tell you can you use this spray or not.

Please, don't use it without knowing some facts.

Have a nice day!