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Hello there,

anyone tried FullFast appetite suppressant? What do you think about it? Is it fast?

I need to say that I am very skeptical about this product, I mean I am skeptical about every product like this one. Actually, I must say that I don’t know why this stuff works? I am a little bit curious about it. I mean, you want to eat, and you do eat a lot of food, but you are on a diet…It is confusing :/

I would like to know more about this, so please let me know more.

Keep in touch! Thank you! 


What's up?

I must say that I really like this product. The good thing is that the price is not big at all. But,  FullFast appetite suppressant is not good for everyone. My sister is not satisfied with this product at all. It was really bad, in her case.

I am totally opposite! I really love it and it works so fine for me. It helped me achieve my goal. Nothing works the same for everyone, you know that.

The thing that I don't like is the taste :) It tastes like a poor quality soda. But, that is everything.

Talk to you latter!