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Hi there,

I was wondering, who cannot use these FullFast appetite control spray?

Who should avoid this product? People with heart problems, headache or no one?

I found on the internet that this spray is totally safe and that anyone can use it, but I want to hear more opinions about it.

Is there anyone who cannot use this and why?

I want to try it and say „yes“ to this spray, but I have some stomach issues at this moment, and that is why I am not sure how smart using this spray can be?

Do you know?

Please, keep in touch! 


What's up?

Pregnant ladies – and that is it, if you ask me :) They should avoid every product, especially the diet ones. I know that this is a pure and clean product, but I would not recommend it to the pregnant girls, for a lot of reasons.

All other people can use it , without feeling bad and sick, I almost can guarantee this. Of course, you should visit your doctor and ask him all these questions, because he will have a great answers. Silly, he knows the best :)

Good luck on this journey! I hope that you will find some product that you really need ;)