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hi need some info on water enema, are they safe, what sort of water to use, is it boiled is salt added, how much water

what if enema is retained? what happens?
is this possible for an enema to be retained? will it bloat me,?

how often can one have an enema?

are there any dangers other than perforation?

im a starter can you give me some tips so i dont have hang ups,


Dear Cathy, you were looking for some information on water enemas and ill give you some pointers, first off if you live off of a public water sluppy with clorine in it you should boil the water it would be a good idea to anyways also put a 1/2 of salt in the watter ( 750 ml of water) make shure the water is luke warm but not to warm, try to hold the water for 5-15 mins if you get a stomach ake lay on your back and rub around your crotch aera. also make shure theres not any air in the enema when inserted becasue it can make it hardder to push out the watter when on the toilet. also try going on google and serch the words how to make a enema. og go to