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I was just told by my dermatologist that I have folliculitis. I had been battling a thickened skin area around my ears for months which ended up spreading to my jawline and neck. I was put on Doxycline which helped initially. When I finished the course, the folliculitis came back with a vengeance! All over my neck with goose bump like, track like looking! It's really a confidence destroyer as I end up not meeting up with friends anymore. I suspect that I got it from the swimming pool as I swim 4 times a week at a public pool. I'm now on Erythromycin for 3 weeks and it is only showing very negligible signs of improvement. It is extremely frustrating. It used to be painful to touch when I washed the area. With the antibiotics, I feel the little bumps but with less pain. It is very depressing


Hello Stella,

Surely sounds like folliculitis.  This can be caused by many things.  It is important to keep the infected area clean.  You can apply warm compresses several times a day.  Warm water is best as it can ease any itching an pain you have and allow for faster healing.  As you progress with compresses you want to make a water solution.  Boil the water and add a teaspoon of salt.  Let this cool.  Use this solution for your compresses to heal larger thickened skin areas.  You can use OTC hydrocortisone to relieve itching.  Make sure you keep your towels and personal items away from other family member to prevent reinfection.