My husband is "on the computer" or his tablet for 12 hrs. a day except for meals and personal grooming.  It's not games.  He constantly surfs news, articles, email, etc.  Recently he sits in his favorite chair a great portion of the time with ear phones so he can hear Youtube videos about politics,  religion, etc.  He says he's "learning" things.  Right now he's watching a football game on TV and an open laptop on his lap.

We have a very fragile marriage and are not able to communicate well.  He gets very angry when I object, especially to the earphones and points out that I knit and read often.

I do use my tablet about 4 hrs./day but am in and out of the house, have at least one weekly activity.  Of course there are many house hold 1chores that keep me busy.

I am at the end of my rope.  I am lonely and desperate for companionship.  At 71 yrs. It is difficult to contemplate divorce but the loneliness is stressing me to the point of tears.  I can't talk to him because of his unreasonable anger and shunning after.

Please, please help.