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Hello, I am 125 pounds and I am 5'1 I really want to lose my weight. I want to lose 10 pounds, but I've been doing 500-1000 jumping jacks for a few days now. I wonder how many jumping jacks do I have to do to loose this weight. (P.S. i am very chuby and 10 pounds can't hurt me.)


the basic truth is, its not the number you do but how well you do them. and just jumping jacks wont help you loose all the weight you want, although i am not saying you wont loose weight. the best way to ensure is to diet and stay active ALL day, not just when you do your jumping jacks.

now on another note, 125 is not heavy for someone who is 5 1. i am 5 2 and weigh in at 130 pounds and get compliments on my body all the time. its not the weight you carry, but how you carry the weight. stay confident and stay healthy and you will learn that the scale is just gravitys bitchy lil minon. my advice is to never get on the scale again. dont go off a number, go off your happiness. if you look in the mirror and think you look good, then good for you! if you think bad, just stay healthy and you will see results. all a scale does is tear you apart inside and make you self concious. stay strong and stay beautiful my NOT-chubby friend, and you will see the world smile back at you :)