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I am also 14 and i weigh 161 pounds and im 5"1

I know disgusting right?

Can you give me some tips on ways to loose weight?



im gonna start off by sayin NO NOT DISGUSTING! and i am not just saying that. i mean it. theres a phrase i have that it isnt the weight you carry but how you carry the weight. if you come off as confident, you will look beautiful.

now back to weightloss. i wanna share a story with you. im 5 2, and just lost 35 pounds. i now weigh 130 lbs. what i did was tricky. i became a vegitarian. now i know, seems silly. but heres how it worked, i couldnt eat cookies and i couldnt eat cake and noodles because they are made from EGGS! now if your like "oh i cant pass up my meat" then become a semi vegitarian. onlly eat seafood, or limit yourself to grilled chicken or something along those lines as long as your eating HEALTHY!

and one more tip on a personal note. dont weigh yourself. the scale is a cruel invention that wont make you feel better, whether your loosing weight or not. go off your apperance- itll be hard at first, but get easier as you eat healthier. trust me, and stay strong :)