I saw someone else post on a similar subject and the one response seemed helpful. I really think there has to be more to this weight loss thing though.
In January, I cut out all bread from my diet. This meaning rice, potatoes, bread, etc. If I eat any type of bread substance it's Ezekiel bread, Kashi cereal or a high fiber cracker and that is not very often (as in less than once a week generally). I do the spin class at the gym every Thursday and also do my own routines of elliptical, running, cycling, lifting weights 3 days out of the week for at least an hour. I only eat when I'm hungry, but even then I don't eat very much. I have a lot of protein, nuts, fruit, vegetables, etc.
I started taking Kelp vitamins because the thyroid medicine I was on was having bad side-effects on my vision. The kelp is helping with my digestion and energy levels, but not with weight loss. I couldn't lose weight on the thyroid medicine either.
I guess what's frustrating is always eating so healthy and working out, but never losing weight. Since I stopped eating bread, I've only lost 5 pounds. Five pounds in 11 months! I would think that extremely abnormal with joining a spin class. That's one of the hardest, most intense work-outs out there.
I think my estrogen is off as well, but I'm afraid to improve that and deal with the side effects of stomach weight gain.
I've been contemplating taking flax seed. Any other things I could try? I'm desperate for something. I'm 5'9" and 205 pounds! I know that I carry it well, but for living such a restricted lifestyle, I would hope I could at least get back down to 185. :-(