My name is brittany and im 22 . i started my period when i was 11 and since the day i got it . its been a very painful time for me . I went on the pill when i was 15 to help calm my periods down cas i was getting two to three times a month and sometimes they would last for a month or longer. then i went on the pill in which shorten my periods to three days or less. not that im complaining about having a short period cas im not. but i also get my period and the first day i bleed lightly or not really at all and then the following day my period stops and then one or two days laters it starts up again . and i bleed so bad i cant leave my house cas im changing my tampon every 15 - 20 minutes.but i also get extreme cramping two weeks before my period. and they get so bad that i cant move and i just lay in bed . my period is really affecting my life and i dont have insurance to go to the doctor . does anyone have any type of suggestions for me? thanks alot brittany