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Hey everyone hopefully you guys can help.

Over the last 3 weeks i have been having some really strange issues with my stomach.  I have been getting a mixture of diarrhea and lose stool before and/or after i eat anything.  I have been unable to eat anything solid without getting diarrhea after.  I have tried eating everything from plain boiled chicken, to rice, to plain pasta and chicken broth.  Nevertheless no matter what I eat I go to the bathroom.

Also going along with this weird stomach problem, I get this weird gurgling in my stomach, not to be confused with rumbling like when you are hungry.

I went to the hospital about 3 days ago and they did some bloodwork and they told me everything came back fine and that it was probably IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  I'm a little bit hesitant to believe this since it just flared up pretty much out of no where and it happens after no matter what I eat, even as plain as it gets.

I should mention that throughout my life I have always gone to the bathroom after about 20 minutes at least once a day, usually at a dinner meal.  Also I suffer from bloating, and have many allergies to foods.

Any ideas?

I am going to see my doctor tomorrow but i'm just trying to put this all into prospective beforehand



Also forgot to mention, I have been taking pepcid tablets twice a day for like a week now, it seems to help for a little bit but then the pains come right back