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Okay, so i have been having numerous stomach problems for about a month now. I was diagnosed with ibs in middle school and began taking fuber pills and POOF! my problem was solved.These past few years of highschool i havent had too many flare ups, and if i did it was easliy solved with a few imodium. Now i have constant heartburn, diarrhea (in morning), occasional constipation, SOOO MUCH intestinal rumbling, gurgling, growling mostly after eating but also first thing in the morning. and all day unless i eat tiny little meals throughout the day & inbetween classes, sometimes that isnt even enough. It even has been causing me alot of trouble sleeping because the noise will keep me awake at times.I also have sudden energy lows somedays, causing headaches and rarley blurred vision. My doctor has put me on a phillips colon health probiotic that i have been taking for around 3 o/4 weeks and that has been NO HELP. i started digestive enzymes several days ago and at times they help, but they dont solve my problem. i take an acid reducer twice a day, and i drink pepermint tea almost religiously because it helps a little at times. i want to look into taking pepermint capsules, but i need to find a store that actually sells them... and that has been some trouble. And along with all of this there is rarley pain. im so confused with it all, its controlling my life!!!! i am also active most days of the week, so that is not the issue. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some tips here!


Have you tried Bentyl?