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Lately I have been having weird eating habits. I eat one day two days I don't eat. Heat makes me feel sick to the stomach. Certain smells make me feel sick to the stomach. I go to the bathroom more than I normally have. I have had very bad stomach pains but they stopped. My head has been hurting and I get dizzy sometimes. Recently, I ate before a game and I vomitted during half-time and I was feeing hungry light headed and dizzy.... Please tell me what's wrong


I am pretty sure it's your gallbladder - sounds pretty classic to me! So when you are able make an appointment with your doctor - in the mean time, write down when you eat, (date, times etc) what you eat and what happens after a certain food. Your doctor will want to know this when you go see him/her, so start that right away. AlsoIm thinking ulcer, Abdominal Migraines or just your good old plain food sensitivity (like celiac - gluten). So writing down and being specific will help your doctor get to the root of it far quicker! Please let me know how you make out? Good luck and health!