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Please someone help. I've been having very weird stomach issues. The first thing is that my stool is very stringing. Its like its all attached together. Kinda like this werid rope attaching all of it. Its also very fleshy in appearance. Its also in small little chunks Its not soft or mushy. I also have bad constipation and have to strain to go to the bathroom. It feels as if my urge to go to the bathroom has left my body. Its unusual for me as i have always had a very sensitive stomach my whole life. Before even a glass of milk would make me poop. I don't know what happend to me? The only thing i can think of is a couple of months ago i took a tetnus vaccine and some antibiotics for a dog bite. Ever since then my life has gone out of control. Did i ruin my stomach someone? Is it connected? Why does my stool look so strange all the time?  I'm wondering if i have some kind of malabsorption issue or something?  If anyone can help i would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.


Dog Bite? Go to Dr. tell him you may have contracted worms from a dog bite and explain. I think they should examine your stool sample ASAP.