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My girlfriend got an abortion on 11/21/12. she has been bleeding after tht but her period got heavy last wednesday on 1/2/13 that same day we had unprotected sex then on tuesday 1/8/13 her period was very light then we had unprotected sex then yesturday thursday 1/10/13 we had unprotected sex again. But i was wondering what are the chances of her being pregnant again? Please help me dont judge :(


HI Alx,

She probably wasn't pregnant if she had a normal period and it was "heavy" on 1/2.

What day did her period start?

But, having sex on 1/10, at least day 8 of her cycle, the odds of her getting pregnant are increasing rapidly.  It is possible that she will get pregnant by having sex on that date.  

It all depends upon when she ovulates.

At least one of you should use some protection.