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hi guys, i need help on this as i have a big problem regarding pimples. i am 22, and people say that pimples dont breakout after the age of 20. but this is definitely not the case with me. and the breakout gets worse when i masturbate. and i have a lot of spots on my face caused by the past pimples. i tried to use a cream to ged rid of them but no use. i drink a lot of water daily but that too has not helped. please guys, suggest a natural way of getting rid of the pimples and also the pimple spots.


Pimples can occur at any age.

These are the basics: Try to wash your face a couple of times a day, but not excessively. You don't want to dry the oils from the skin so much as keep them under control. Wash your hair daily, yes, it makes a difference. Don't touch your hands to your face. Don't pick at the pimples.

You've tried the creams. There are prescription medications available too.

Have you ever consulted a dermatologist? It could be related to the soap you're using.

Good luck.


Hey guest27,

Like medic-dan said, there is no specific age in which acne just disappears, sucks doesn't it?

I agree with medic-dan on a couple points. Washing the hair on a regular basis can be very beneficial as the oils that our bodies produce can gather in the hair, and if not washed, will slowly make their way down to our face, neck, back... its ugly business. So make sure to wash your hair on the regular.

The masturbation isn't necessarily the cause of acne, though it does cause a spike in hormones in the body that leads to the extra pimples. A good example of this is when women are getting close to their periods, they break out. Its the same thing for them, except they don't have a choice ;)

Here's a couple things that have worked pretty well for me - because your looking for natural ways, I'll do my best stick to the natural stuff only.

Exercise often - Keep in mind I don't mean go to the gym and do some bench press. I'm referring to going out for a run. Stairs have worked the best for me. Running releases pent up hormones in the body, cleans the pores out, and is just simply good for you. Don't over do it though, listen to your body. And if you haven't put on the running shoes in a while, build up slowly.

Diet - You'll hear a lot of "that's bad for your acne" when it comes to specific foods, but all I can tell you about foods not to eat is that I've noticed when I eat foods that have obviously been left in the grease pan to long or have a lot of sugar, I'm almost sure to break out. So, the next time you eat foods with a lot of grease, and sugar, pay attention to how your skin reactions. We are what we eat - and it shows through our complexion.

I would recommend eating a lot of apples and grapes. Not as appealing as a slice of pizza, but your skin will be thanking you for it. Apples and grapes are filled with anti-oxidants that clean out the system. I make it a habit to have at least 3 apples a day and snack on grapes when I can.

Having a clear, attractive complexion is a lifestyle. Being consistent with what you do is the only way to see results. Good luck to you, and I hope some of this helps.