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Hi everyone

I've been reading quite a bit about plyometrics and the benefits they can have to athletes looking to add a bit of power to their running. So I thought I'd try get a few opinions, seeing as how I've never done them.

Basically I'm curious to know if anybody includes plyometrics in their weekly training? And if so how much difference did they make to their performance? Did they find them a good substitue for going to the gym?
Also, don't they make you more prone to injury as it's easy to overdo it with plyoemtrics?

And seeing as I'm firing off all these questions: can anybody recommend good plyometrics for runners.

Thanks a lot. And sorry for all the questions.



Hi rob. I LOVE PLYOMETRICS and use it in my weekly training. the last day of the weekly cycle to allow the most healing time.

first thing is you must be somewhat conditioned, do you already do weight training sessions? What is your normal run like, lots of downhills or flat. Any stair work?

Can they cause injury, YES!!!! they should be done properly. if at all possible do them with someone to watch your form, KNEE BEND ANGle primarily, NEVER pass the 90 mark if you can help it, Never let your knees pass in front of your toes when going into a squat position.

Some simple ones are, high jumps, add a small bounce inbetween jumps though. High knees, butt kicks, straight leg high kicks
distance jump, careful on the knee bend angle here when you land as in most people got WAY past the 90 degree angle there.

stepdrops, drop backwards off a high step, short wall with both feet and immediately jump back up. as i tell my skating buddies imagine the ground as molten lava, you need to get off it quick.

the main thig to keep in mind is to keep the stress of the skeletal system and keep it on the muscles instead.