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I'm new to running, but I have tried running before but now I want to get serious. I'm starting out working on speed, because my stamina is nice (enough to run a mile without walking before getting winded). I will work on stamina more, but I found some Long Response Excercises that I found in Runners World I wanted to try out:

Base Side to Side, One Leg Over The Line, Ankle Jump, Side to Side Jump to Sprint, Split Jump, and Get Up.

Do you have any more to contribute than this? :? I'll need descriptions.

If you need me to explain them, I can. :D



Oh, and I also have been trying to get into Plyometrics.

I've only done it once, but I've tried copying by making a ladder out of socks! :P

My favorite thing to do with Plyo's are the banana hurdles and the sticks that stand up and you have to zig zag thru... :)


I don't want to curb your enthusiasm; but, you might want to slow down a little or you'll be facing injury. Are you currently involved in other sports? General fitness question.

I would work on base for a few months. Just running at an aerobic level. Working on speed and plyo's at the beginning of your running is lot to ask from your legs.


I am in a strength and conditioning class. I don't do any other sports right now. But I run a mile on the treadmill every morning, and I lift weights a lot (one day upper, one day lower). We do a lot of muscle-failure also.

But as for Plyos and such, I try to do them as much as possible. Sometimes I do them lately during my strength and conditioning class.

I also Yoga. I prefer to do it after I run a mile because it relaxes me.

But see, I run a mile on the dreadmill. ha ha. If I run outside my house, I can make it far without even getting winded. But sometimes I'll run, walk a little, run, walk a little, and it's just fun. As for working hard on my legs, it doesn't feel weird -- I am kinda used to it because I used to be an Aggressive Skater, but I gave that stuff up for my girlfriend. :)

As for all those excerices, like a Base Side to Side is jumping with your feet about 9 inches apart back and forth over a line. You explode as fast as you can as soon as you hit the ground. One leg over the line, is when you lift one leg, hop over, and as soon as you land, explode over to the other side. Both of these you should do 3 sets of at 10 - 12 seconds of doing this workout.

Ankle jump is just jumping directly upwards with your ankles, knees, and all locked as hard as you can. you also have your hands locked on your thighs. You start with your toes pointing up, your roll to the ball of your foot, and jump. Repeat this like 10 times, with a set of 3. Side jump to spring is you just do the Side jump but sprint as soon as you hit. Split Jump & Get Up are too hard to explain.

Thanks for all your input!