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Few days ago, my husband complained about pain in a scrotum region. He thought that it was some pain connected with some trauma caused by tight underwear and he didn’t won’t to seek for any medical help.
But pain only grew stronger and stronger and eventually he contacted his doctor and went to be examined.
Doctor said that the cause of his pains is not caused by any damage of testicles but with epididymis.
I don’t know what epididymis is and what can cause this condition called epidymitis.
Can it be some trauma or something similar?


I had an epidymitis few years ago and I recovered from it very well.
First, I will tell you what epididymis is and then what could cause this painful condition.
Epididymis is long tube coiled against the testes where the sperm are stored and mature.
Inflammation of epididymis is called epidymitis.
This can rarely be caused by some trauma of injury because epididymis is a very small organ and during trauma usually testicles get injured.
In most cases it is caused by some bacteria. It is a very serious condition because it can progress to condition called acute scrotum after which your husband can get out sterile.
If the cause is torsion of testis, then only cure is surgery but in all other cases some antibiotic medication is enough.