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I've had itchy inner ears for I don't even know how long now, at least two years, and worsening over the past 6 months at least. They ache occassionally and almost always itch which gets worse when I get this leaking feeling in my ears. It hurts to try to clean them, when I every so often use peroxide, it is unbearable because it hurts and itches so bad. I've noticed it kind of falls hand in hand with some other problems I've had over the past year, headaches, vertigo, I've been becoming more and more off balance, my brain is so foggy that my reality seems like I'm dreaming every second of the day. My vision has always been bad but has gotten so much worse over the past 4 months and I am constantly losing focus. It's in both ears but it's usually more severe in my left, which is more of a stinging and my right is just sore.
I'm hoping I could find some answers here, because I am not able to go to the doctor and I've been to the ER for other problems, but they overlook everything, and I'm just not well enough to sit and wait for 13 hours to find out the same thing I already knew.
Please help and thank you for any suggestions, or answers!
God Bless and Have a Great Weekend!


Could it possibly be sleep apnea? I did a sleep study when I was 15, five years ago, and they showed early signs but nothing severe enough to diagnose at the time.
Also, I forgot to add, ever since I had surgery two months before my 17th birthday for a deviated septum (septoplasty), I've had these problems along with horrible rage issues. I've never been an angry person, and I never really showed my anger unless it was frustration tears, but building up to my first episode 6 months after my surgery, I turned into anger management poster child, I would punch and kick walls, scream at the top of my lungs... And I want to believe that it HAS to have something to do with that surgery, I was fine before then.
The next day I saw my ENT for post op to have packing removed. When I returned the following week he found more packing that he had left in causing an infection, blamed it on me, told me I had stuck gauze in my nose, OMG I busted out in tears because I was so angry that he wouldn't take responsibility, but the infection had gone into my left eye, which, by the grace of God, if I hadn't gone into the eye doctor when I had, I would have lost my vision in my left eye. Also, I was allergic to the pain meds so I went through all of this even longer than I should have with nothing to numb it all...

Wow, this tears me up. I've lost 4 years of my life. I was enrolled in 3 semesters of college after barely graduating(before my Senior year I was in the top 20 students of my class). I only passed one class out of 9 while in college and now owe the school $1500 because I lost my job, which was paying for last semester(spring '09), but I wasn't able to work because I would zone out, and that's another upset, I LOVED that job =(
It's also causing me to lose my family and friends, because they think I don't want to talk to them, which is FAR from the truth, but I am mentally unable to socialize with them. I won't let my boyfriend come around me because I'm afraid I'll do the same thing to him, make him uncomfortable or make him think I don't want him around, even though I'm pretty much doing the same thing by keeping him away from me.
I feel like such a head case, and that's what I keep hearing from people, but in all actuality, the only people who understand that I'm not mental, are the people who are experiencing the same thing I am.
Which apparently has a lot to do with ENT! :'(


Well I've had a history of ear issues, surgery as a baby, with recurring ear issues (blockages & infections). No side effects like you described but on the whole it was a really frustrating condition. Mainly because when they blocked up (totally) you couldn't hear anything, and makes it impossible to interact socially under such circumstances. Now what you describe sounds like it might be unrelated (or indirectly related) to the ear symptoms, but I would think if you can at least sort that out, you'll be on the path to narrowing down the cause. I know when water got caught in my ear, and I attempted to flush with cold water, it could leave me disoriented. So certainly ear infections could have this effect. Also, my ears routinely begin to itch as wax starts to build up.

I can't tell if you've been to a doctor about this condition specifically - but obviously that is where you should start. You shouldn't even be thinking about the ER for this, that'll just annoy the people on duty and yes they're likely to dismiss your condition, because the emergency ward is for people with time critical emergencies.

Beyond that though, here's my advice for tackling the ear. Assuming wax buildup in the ear is leading to recurring infection (especially when water gets trapped in their), if you can resolve that it might help. I've tried every DIY cleaning thing you can think of (peroxide, syringe etc), but there is only one thing that has worked. Go buy a 'USB microscope pen' (I got mine from ebay), shouldn't be more than $100 - the one the length of a pen (not the stubby/short version). With this you can safely observe exactly what the condition of your inner ear is (on your computer screen). Takes a bit of practice, but while it's all there on screen you can reach in with a tiny wire loop, and extract the wax manually. You see it all on screen and know exactly what is happening, so you shouldn't be at risk of rupturing the ear drum (the wax should be in the mid ear anyway). This is the only technique I've found that is rock solid for cleaning my ears. You need to put a hole in the side of the cone inserted into ear, to allow access with a flexible piece of wire (no sharp ends!!). If you're not comfortable doing this, maybe it's not for you, but it is really effective (well you see the results as you do it, right there in front of you).

Literally within three days there's enough build up to hide the eardrum again (certainly enough to trap water), but I usually have to clean every week or two before it begins itching. You don't need to clean the thing out completely, in fact you should be keeping some wax in there, to protect the drum and all. But if it mostly blocks the canal, obviously any water that goes is likely to stay there, and that's what would cause me problems.

Anyway good luck!