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ive been kinda set on gauging my ear for a couple of weeks now.
i havent actully got my ear peirced yet but im gonna.
i wouldnt want it to be a huge hole but like 6 or 8mm
i was just wondering how long do u think it would take to get it that big and also if i ended up not liking it and taking it out would my ear go back to normal or would it just stay like that? and how long would i need to wait from getting my ear peirced to starting stretching??


Once you get a hole that big and round in your lobe, it will not go away, so now your stuck with this gapping hole in your head.
Just my opinion but when it comes time to go out into the world of business, a potential boss of a job that would give you status, wouldn't look at you twice, unless he is the manager of a rock band.
I have piercings myself, 4 in each lobe, a little stud in my nose, my one cartilidge (which hurt like a bee otch) and my navel, but it's tasteful and attractive with the proper implements.
It takes time for it to stretch and you have to keep that disc looking thing in a long time. Once you remove it and the stretching has been accomplished, your stuck with it.

FYI, tho your probably not interested. We own a Plumbing Company and it gets really warm here in the summer. One day one of our employees took his shirt of (which we forbid) the home owner took my husband aside and told him that he did not want this guy on his property. This guy had both nipples pierced with a chain that went below his waste, obviously connected to something else that was pierced. It just made him look bad to the homeowner. We apologized, tho we didn't fire the kid, we just made it mandatory that shirts are to be kept on at all times, even in extreme heat.


um well as soon as your ears are healed and they dont hurtt any more is about a good time to start streching your ears.. you should wait approximatly 2 weeks between each size and as long as you dont pass a zero it will go back to normal size mostly it just depends on your ears everyone is different


first off, its called "stretching".

there is no such thing as "gauging"; a gauge is the size of the jewelry.

coming from someone with plenty of experience in the "Stretching" department, realize that once you start, you won't want to stop.

everyone says they only want to go to so-and-so small gauge, but once you get there you will want to go bigger. stretching is an expensive thing to do, as well. you'd be surprised how much you spend everytime you go up in size.

once you hit about a centimeter, your ear will not go back to normal. it may go damn close (if you stretch properly and SLOWLY) but otherwise, you will still have a small hole there.


Whatever you want to call it, "gauging" or "stretching", it is very important you do it right. It is a very, very slow process that requires a lot of patience.

First, you need to talk to a professional piercer about whether or not you can even stretch your ear lobes. If you don't have enough flesh on your ears, you can tear through the lobe, and end up needing surgery.

Make sure this is something you absolutely are positive about doing because, like the comments made before, it is permanent once you get to a certain size. That size is often referred to as, "the point of no return." Granted, if you take them out, or down-gauge they will shrink up to a certain point, but they will never grow back fully.

If you decide you want to stretch your ears, then first you need holes to stretch. When you go to get your ear lobes pierced, you should go to a tattoo shop with trained piercers. I highly discourage places such as Wal-Mart and Claire's, who only do piercing on the side. They often rush the piercing, without taking the time to measure it correctly thus leaving you with poorly pierced ears which could lead to an infection. After the piercing, let them heal and wait about one month before you even consider stretching.

You should wait 1-3 months in between sizes 20g-00g and 3-5 months from sizes 7/16 and up. NEVER SKIP SIZES. This could tear your ear lobes and could result in a number of consequences such as, loss off flesh to stretch with, scar tissue (preventing further stretching), and infection.

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