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Hello, I have been the stereotypical "Football Player" for my entire adult life. I currently weigh 253lbs and am 5' 9.5". I have lost 40 lbs by biking and as of late doing some running. I started in may and have been pretty regular until October hit. I have SAD and to make matters worse I don't like/enjoy running at all. I love biking, swimming, hiking, sports, etc., but running doesn't do it for me. I have worked up to running 2.5 miles in about 23 minutes, however, that takes a lot out of me. I try to run the last few hundred yards very hard. That being said I would like to start to do a triathlon with a few of my friends. They are much smaller, build wise than I am, however I want to do this. I feel very confident about the bike and swim, no issues with either one, however, running for 3.1 miles scares me. I need help building up to this and any suggestions would be welcome.


As a triathlete for over 10 years I can tell you that you will be hooked once you TRI it!!! As for the run, if you aren't running a few times a week, try running 2-3 time per week, start small like 1-2 miles and keep the 2.5 as your longer run, once you can run 2 miles or so 3 times a week, start gradually adding time to the longer one like 3-5mins/week, sounds small but it adds up quick. Before you know it you'll be running 2x3mi and a 3-5mi run on the weekend. Avoid the HARD running even the last few minutes as these little efforts prolong recovery and don't really get you any benefit. KEep it all easy for now and then one of your shorter mid week runs can become a "speed day" later.
Hope that helps you, remember, easy untill you get some mileage and consistancy going. Have fun!!!