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So I'm going to change this story a bit just in case this person happens to read this. This is not a story about me but more about a family member of a friend but I'm going to refer to them as "my friend".

Basically my friend is suicidal. He's already tried to kill himself twice but was caught in act and sent to the hospital for a few days. I'm not sure why the hospital would let him out until they really felt that he'd be ok, he clearly isn't ok still. All he does is drunk and get into the suicide talk again. I have no idea what to do or how to help. Is there anything that can be done? He is depressed over money. We've tried everything that I can think of to help but it's not getting any better.


I can tell you one think not to do. Don't leave him alone.

He needs counseling, now. A lot of insurance plans will only cover you for a few days, so that's probably why they let him go. Once he sobered up he probably convinced them he was OK.

I've seen way to much of this in my line of work. It's always tragic for everyone, especially the survivors.

I lost a friend at 14 to suicide. He'd tried a couple of times but everyone thought he was OK. Basically we road home on the bus from school one day, he seemed very happy, more than I ever remember. I found out the next day that he went home, went into a closet, put a plastic bag over his head and used the gas from a propane torch to kill himself. I can to this day remember what he looks like and still picture him sitting on the bus. That was over 30 years ago.

Please encourage him to talk to someone. Keep him away from the booze. There are lots of support groups, like the Samaritans, that will help.

For you, watch out for any warning signs. Be especially aware if they suddenly appear to be more cheerful as this is often a sign that they've made up their mind as to how/what to do.

Keep us posted. Good luck.