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hi so me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex.  He did not cum, and i dont know about precum.  anyway only his head was in and it lasted 3 mins.  we were just kinda fooling around.  anyway, i am on birth control pills and the day before we had sex i forgot to take one. so i took 2 the day that we had sex.  this was also the first week of my pack and the day we had sex was the day i got off my period.  I have read that USUALLY you do not ovulate until the 14th day of your cycle... and since we had sex on the 7th day of it i should be good right? anyway i was still scared after so i took the morning after pill 21 hours later.  BASICALLY...... what are the chances of becoming pregnant if: He didnt cum (but might have precum), am on birth controll but missed one pill and took it the next day, was just after my period so i PROBABLY wont ovulate till the 14th like i read, and took the morning after pill 21 hours after this? thank you so much everyone.


I think your chances are very slim to none.

You did good with the missed BC pill.  I don't think you needed the morning after pill.

Just be aware that the morning after pill can make your period early, late, heavier, or lighter.

Hope it helps.