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My granddad was diagnosed with tuberculosis 6 months ago after going from one test to another because he was experiencing heavy problems with breathing and lungs in general. The latest findings from his biopsy state 'indicative of caseating granuloma presence '. He is already on treatment for tuberculosis, but while I was trying to figure out what do these results mean, I also came across the fact that sarcoidosis patients too usually have caseating granuloma or non- caseating granulomas detected at their biopsies.

Since my grampa is having too much side-effects from all the antibiotics he is taking for TB, is there a chance that he was misdiagnosed and that caseating granuloma presence maybe means that he should go back to his doctor for further tests, possibly for sarcoidosis? Any info on this subject would be greatly appretiated,



Hello Tom.... If your grandfather has been diagnosed with tuberculosis, he had a test that showed "positive" for it.  Caseating granuloma is one of the signs of tuberculosis seen in patients.  These 'tubers' develop from the body attempting to contain the organism that causes this respiratory disease.  I wouldn't believe that he was misdiagnosed but he could be having other complications that they need to verify by running additional tests.  I am only speculating but I can't imagine that they misdiagnosed tuberculosis.  What are the side effects your grandfather having with all the antibiotics? 

Has any of the forum readers have or know someone who has tuberculosis?  What type of treatment did you receive?