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I am having trouble figuring out bg target level; I am very confused about it. My doctor says to target for under 100 for fasting blood sugars but 120 for after meals?  Why is this?  If I knew why, I think I would be more cooperative over watching my blood sugars.  RIght now I really could care less because it is so confusing.  So what should they be and why?  Can anyone offer a good answer to this?  



I can understand that it can be confusing to you so I will try to help you figure it out.  Your doctor is right about keeping the fasting blood sugars below 100.  This is because you have gone all night without food so your blood sugar should be less in the morning than 2 hours after meals.  You should have a blood sugar of 120 mg/dl – 150 mg/dl 2 hours after your meals.  It will depend on the person, of course, but this is a good guideline.  Watching your carbs will help in controlling your blood glucose levels.  You just need to follow the carb units you have been advised to utilize at each meal.  This will keep blood sugar levels at lower levels. You can eat much more complex carbohydrates than refined carbohydrates.  This can be fruits and non-starchy vegetables; they have a lot of fiber so they don’t cause sharp blood sugar spikes.  With refined carbohydrates like white rice and many processed cereals, these carbs will digest very quickly and cause the blood sugar to surge after consumption.  This is what you want to avoid as much as possible.  If you are familiar with the low glycemic index, these are the foods you want to eat more of.  I hope this helps you in finding ways to easily control your blood sugars.