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My question is, I suffer from Degenerative Disk Diease and found out a little about it but not the questions i wont to no. Ok first question is what happens when the disk completely degenerate, and is their a long term effect and if so what is it. Number two will i be able to continue working, i work in a yarn mill.And last one is their a treatment and if so what is it?


Sometimes it happens that completely degenerated disks cause no symptoms what so ever but usually the pain in the lower back gets so severe. If DDD compresses the roots of the nerves, the pain may go down the legs, even to the feet and cause numbness and tingling.

My husband had problems with DDD before and no drugs and physiotherapy used to help him. These are so called conventional forms of treatment. Drugs prescribed are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs along with physical therapy when there is no nerve-root compression and muscle weakness. When there is and drugs, rest and physical therapy are not helpful, a surgery may be a way to go. Other drugs that may be prescribed are narcotic and non-narcotic pain meds, muscle relaxants, antidepressants and nerve blocks.

The reason I mentioned my husband is because he had much relief from acupuncture. He had so much problems with DDD, that he would sometimes not be able to get up. He has been literally brought to acupuncturist office and after a course of 10 treatments or so, was back to normal activities.

There are a lot of surgical procedures that may be done on the case of DDD. If it comes to this, you need to work with your neurosurgeon and see what he has to say about the best options. One of the most common procedures is spinal fusion, in which two vertebrae are fused together to provide stability to the spine.