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Help. I'm a 29 yr old female, and for the couple of months, I've had lower right abdomen pains occur. It usually happens in the morning, my stomach feels bloated, dull and achy lower right pains ( where the hip bone is located). At its worse it hurts when I move. I've noticed it occurs mostly when I drink alcohol. My alcohol intake is about 1-2 drinks every other day, as I do go out often. I've had no chills, fever, vomiting , anything secondary. Just the pain. I'm not sure if it's cyst, or appendix, or anything like that... but I cant go to the doctor and get tests until my healthcare activates next month. I'll also be on an airplane tomorrow.. I'm a bit freaked out and not sure what to do at this moment... Help???


How are you doing a week later after your post?

Are you still having the same symptoms occur after a couple of drinks?  I don't know this but maybe it could be your kidneys or liver.  As soon as you can make that appointment with your doctor, you don't want this issue to continue for long especially if kidney or liver.

Good luck and keep us posted