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Hi I'm a 24 yr old female and I've had pain in my right hip for 7 years.
I saw an osteopath in 2006 as the hip itself started to click and go stiff. They wrote a letter to my GP and said that I was "hypertonic" in my right hip and also suffering from hypermobility.

With the pain, it tends to flare up when it's cold/wet weather, when I start a period or at night, etc., and my GP also told me that it was possible that I could have bursitis or just too bendy.

I have an appointment in a month's time with an orthopedic as x-rays on my hip have shown nothing at all, but I couldn't possibly have had bursitis for 7 years...could I? I'm getting worried about what it could be as my parents, boyfriend and even people at work have noticed the loud clicking my hip causes, and the amount of pain it puts me in. Also I've felt a few hard lumps around the right side of my tummy and around my groin area which is worrying me to bits...!

My GP has ruled out any menstrual prolems and back problems but I still don't know what this is.



That sounds sort of strange! I'm sorry that the x-rays didn't yield any better results. It is fully possible that you had bursitis for the past seven years, or that it's developed over the period while there were overlapping symptoms from another issue. I can't offer much help--does anyone else have any clues? Mostly I posted to tell you that I support you and hope that your next appointment yields more results. Keep us posted!