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Hello all, I'm kind of freaking out at the moment because I could possibly be pregnant.. Just trying to figure out of I should go buy a hpt or if I'm just imagining things! Symptoms: increased discharge(ALOT), sore nipples, gas/abdominal pains, headaches. It hasn't been long enough for a missed period yet so I cant rule that out but I did have unprotected sex on one of my fertile days. I was so nervous I went online and did a whole bunch of conceiving/due date calculators & they all said i probably conceived on or around 10/24 (which also happens to be the day I had sex). Im trying not to psych myself out but it would be appreciative if you guys could give me advice, opinions, and what your early preg symptoms were. Also what is the best preg test to buy. Thank so much!!!


I was having the same symptoms and even hoping for a baby, i wasnt supposed to start my period until the 2nd of November but started today! dont stress yourself out, just wait until you have missed a period then simply go take a test if it comes up negative and you still havent gotten your period then consult your doctor.