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Hello, I have a question. Where can I get best buy test strips for my money? I'm seeing all kinds of prices. I think I may need to change my meter in the near future and not sure what I need to do there. Being diabetic is somewhat expensive for and I'm looking to pay as little as I can but I don't know if paying less would give me that same quality of the more expensive strip. Does anyone know what the best buy test strip would be. How do I go about finding that out. I'm confused. Can anyone help me?


It's amazing how different the prices can be from one source to another. If you're so inclined I suggest you look for diabetic test strips on Ebay. You could save a ton of money over the long haul. However, there's a possibility that could work well for you that you probably wouldn't think of. Sometimes, it pays to buy directly from the manufacturer. Believe it or not. Although the test strip prices many not be the lowest available, manufacturers have other things to offer that may be of importance to you. Especially when it comes to having to buy a new meter. It's inevitable. Take a look at each of the manufacturers websites because they have some interesting plans. Some keep your name and particular requirement information. Most of the time they ship for free. You can get free repair for your meter (sometimes very important), battery replacement and sometimes they will do upgrades for free. This is well worth checking out. Generally buying more than one box of test strips is a better deal. You can get some good discounts that way. Hope this was useful to you. Good luck on finding a great deal. I know you will. Just do some research.