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It's worth a try. Worked for me, too. My fiancee and I had been trying what seemed like forever to conceive and we were getting to the point where we thought about getting our fertility tested. I thought it was me because I have cysts on my ovaries that I think have prevented me from getting pregnant some months.
I had been talking to one of my girlfriends and she said she had just gotten off birth control when they decided to have a kid and the night they made love she didn't go to the bathroom afterwards, instead just stayed in bed and went to sleep.. two weeks later she missed her period.
I realized I had never done that before as I ALWAYS pee after sex. I'm prone to getting UTIs. So last month when we tried we went one step ahead and woke in the middle of the night to make love... and went back to sleep afterwards. Well.... I'm sure that did it cuz sure enough 2 weeks later I missed my period.. took a preg.. test and it was positive.
Just trying to give a little hope to those who are trying and feel it will never happen. There can be many many many many reasons you are not conceiving... and I suggest you see a doctor or fertility specialist if you really are serious about conceiving soon.You never know what the underlaying problem could be.


There are a lot of "positions" that other couples who have tried to conceive will suggest. As well as most agree that laying down for about 20 minutes or so after having sex will improve the chances. For some people this has worked for others it still doesn't because of other issues of infertility.

Congrats on your positive test by the way! Welcome to the Expecting Mom's Club