Yeah, thats what I used to think...

Hey Guys, my name is Justin and this is my first post. Allow me to tell you my story.

I used to be captain of my High School Track and Cross Country teams. After 4 years of High School running my PR's were: 1 mile - 4:37 , 3 mile - 16:45.

I used to be in fantastic shape, and then i went to college.

Long story short, after 5 years of college I now have a bacheleor's degree and an extra 30 pounds. I am sick of being out of shape and am excited to start running again. The only thing is it is a lot harder then I remember getting back into shape.

I have a lot of experience with running and know all about how to do it safely and take care of my body. The only thing is I don't remember experiencing all the aches and pains when I was younger. Before, my muscles would be sore at the beginning of a season, but a few weeks later I'd be good to go. I never had shin splints or any serious running injury. Now I'm suffering from a mild form of shin splints, slight runner's knee, and a general soreness throughout my legs.

I must admit at first I had bad shoes, and was running on concrete. But now I have the right shoes (brook beasts because I'm flat footed and pronate), I'm not overrunning, and I'm making sure to always run on grass.

I want to start running fast again, but i know it's going to take time.
Has anyone else ever had this problem? I guess I'm just not the same at 23 that i was when i was starting out as a 16 year old. I hope i can get back to where i was, when running 6 miles a day was no problem. now i run 15 mins and my legs have aches and pains. When i sit down and bend and straighten my leg, i can hear a clicking in my knee. Will these aches and pains all fade away after a month or two? It doesn't really hurt that bad, so do i just run threw it? Will i ever be able to run like i used too?