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Hello there,

So today I was in infrared sauna. I must say that I felt amazing, for many reasons. I was sweating too much, but it is a little bit cold outside, so for the first time I didn’t mind about it. Or maybe, that was because of temperature. I must say that I did not touch temperature in sauna when I went in, the current temperature was just fine for me. Maybe the reason that did I like it.

So, what is the optimal temperature in infrared sauna? Do you know? Can you share this information with me?

Thank you! 



Yes, maybe the temperature was good for you , and you like it while you were in infrared sauna. Well, it depends what is optimal temperature in infrared sauna. It depends on the room temperature. Also, the size of the sauna play a big role in how fast the sauna can reach some certain temperature. I think that the ideal temperature for an infrared sauna is between 110 F to 130 F. But, remember the temperature is not that important, important is the fact that you are receiving while you are in sauna. And, of course, don’t be in sauna longer than 40 minutes.

That is totally enough!




I don’t know what the cause was, but I must say that I enjoyed for the first time while I was in some sauna :) I was totally fine, I was sweating, but just enough as I needed :) Maybe next time it would be much better if I check the temperature next time :) Anyway, thank you for sharing this information with me. I was thinking that this is optimal temperature, it makes sense to me.

I will see the temperature next time and I will adjust it. I will see is this one OK for me :)

Thank you very much!