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Good day,

I must say that I went to infrared sauna a few days ago, and I liked it. I don’t know why but I didn’t like it before. Maybe I like it because I went in it after workout? Anyway, to be short, I have this amazing gym that has almost everything that we girls like, that is why it is a little bit expensive, but I must say that I am thrilled.

You have aerobic, yoga, gym, sauna, infrared sauna, and solarium. You can choose whatever you want. So, I choose infrared sauna. And, I like it.

Tell me, do you prefer infrared sauna after workout or before workout?

Is there any rule when to go in infrared sauna or I can use it whenever I want?

Let me know your opinion.



Hey there,

I don't have exact timing for going in infrared sauna. I like to go in sauna when I am not feeling relaxed, when I am stressed, sometimes before and sometimes after my workout. Depends on how I am feeling in some moment. But, I must say that I do agree with you, because I believe that is really good going in infrared sauna after workout, when you are feeling amazing and without stress. Being in sauna after workout feels amazing, I know. And, maybe it is even better than going in it before you go to the gym or yoga.

Thank you! 



Hi girls,

Yes, I do. I really prefer to chill literally in infrared sauna after my workout. I am tired after my yoga lessons and I like to relax, and a few months ago I found out that I do fell the best after visiting infrared sauna. You are totally right, because if you ask me, this is the right way to do. Visiting infrared sauna before my yoga lessons it doesn’t make sense for me, but I am one person, maybe you do think different from me. If you do, please tell us and tell us why do you think so. 



I am really glad that you do agree with me. I must say that this order makes sense to me as well, and I am glad that I found someone who thinks as I do. I have some friends that go in the infrared sauna in the morning, and after that they are working out. It is little absurdly for me, but I don’t blame anyone, that is just my opinion. Now, I can see that I am not the only one.

Workout, than going to infrared sauna to relax is one great combination.

I am glad that you think the same. Have a nice day!