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I discovered it when i was taking a shower Monday night. I have no idea where it came from. I'm not sexually active. I'm only 13 years old. I don't shave down there so I don't think it's an ingrown hair. I'm really embarrassed to talk to my mom about this because i don't know what to say and it might be weird if she wants me to show it to her...

I looked with a mirror but I don't see anything, but i can feel it when I touch it. It hurts a little bit if I press on it. I've had a pimple donw there before but it went away after a few days.

What is this lump? What can I do to make it go away? I'm a bit worried. Please help me.


Er... are you aware of your clitoris, and if so I take it you are referring to something else.

If you are not, then quick recap: you don't specify where it is located, so just on the offchance you're not yet familiar with your clitoris, here we go:

At the point where your panties narrow to pass between your legs, which means at the very first part of your vagina that you can just see, if that is where the 'bump' is then odds are, that is indeed your clitoris. It Is often covered by a hood, sometimes you can retract the hood, on other women it may be entirely covered. It is the female equivalent of the penis, except that where the male penis has three functions: urination, sexual arousal, and ejaculation, nature decided to delegate those functions to three different parts of your body.

Urination is directed out of your pee hole, at the front of your vagina; transport of sperm to your womb (and the baby from womb to open air) is handled by your vagina, and sexual arousal by your clitoris - possibly, this bump you've found - and it loosely equates to the head of the male penis, except according to scientists, far more densely packed with nerve endings: a miracle of micro-engineering, and all so you can have a good time: isn't nature kind?

As to how to discover that arousal, that's not for me to say, but you can probably go down to any major bookstore, check out the teenage health section, and find a book on puberty, and the changes you're going through.

If you're not referring to your clitoris, then the simple answer is, any other bumps should be checked with your doctor.

And yes, you should ask your mom: she was young too once (difficult to believe, I know), she knows and understands and expects you to have these questions, and should be your first port of call for advice. We all find it embarassing, but she went to a lot of trouble to raise you and get you this far: give her a little credit for being able to handle a question or two.

If not, approach a nurse at your school, see your doctor, or visit a clinic: they're there to help.