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I will like to know .
I have a major problem with my penis and the issue is that

1. my penis looks smaller and shrinkish if not hardened abt 1.5 inches

2. when i wake up from bed my penis looks soft, normally it should be strong

3. when my penis size is hard the size is 5 and half inches hard is that normal?

if you know of any drug that i can use. pls let know

kindly advice me on this issue


Firstly, you don't state your age, but even for an adult (over 18, or at least past puberty) those are not unreasonable measurements.

What concerns me more is where you got your idea that your penis should be 'strong'?

Erections, which I take it are what you are referring to, happen according to arousal, or a need to pee.

Other than that, just like designer luggage, it packs itself away nice and neat, ready for the next time.

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It sounds like you are just about perfect to me.
Everything you describe is exactly what they call normal.


I recently heard some information from a doctor who specializes in sexual issues on a cable TV health program. She said some men shrink to a very small size when they are soft and some don't shrink so much. The ones who shrink generally grow larger when they have an erection than the ones who don't. The smaller they shrink, the more they grow. So you may be larger than most and don't know it. Actually they claim the average erect penis is about 5 inches.

I always thought everyone was shrunken when not erect because I am, and those guys in the showers after gym class who had much larger ones than I, must have been huge when the got a woody. Ha! Not according to her XD


Who told you it's supposed to be hard when you wake up?
It may be hard if you need to pee. That's a normal body reaction to keep you from peeing while you're asleep. You can't pee with an erection because it's shut off to prevent you from getting urine in the woman during intercourse.


Probably a tiny bit larger than average.

So half the men in the world are smaller than you. Do you think that half the men in the world are not able to enjoy sex or reproduce?

Stop worrying and enjoy your marvelous body and all the pleasure that's built into it.

You are just fine :-D