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Hi. I've been diagnosed with rosacea two years ago. I have one question. Do certain foods worsen rosacea, or either permanently or just temporary flushes? I'm asking this because I've noticed that my rosacea flares up after I eat sweets, chips or after I drink coffee. I don't have any dietary restriction except for dairy due to my lactose intolerance. I also avoid the sun. So, is it possible that certain foods can cause rosacea flare ups? If so, which foods should I avoid? Thanks


Yes, there are some types of food you should avoid, one group especially - spicy food (Mexican and Indian food are absolute red flag) and also avoid heating your food too much. I saw you mentioning sweet food but I don't know if any of the sweets can cause reaction. Warm weather and too much exercise can make problems as-well, so try to limit those as much as possible. Also avoid ALCOHOL, hes really bad trigger, one of the worst. there are prolly some other but I think i cowered most.

Hope this helped.